8 Little Known Tics That Make Ryan Reynolds' Deadpool Awesome

More than just a merc with a motormouth.

Deadpool Ripped Promo

The Deadpool movies have been a wonderful breath of fresh air in the sea of over-familiar, pandering PG-13 superhero films.

Released in 2016 following an extensive pre-production period and amid immense hype, Deadpool's critical and commercial success changed the game for R-rated blockbusters, and proved there was a healthy market for cape fare aimed at adult audiences.

Hell, it even snagged Ryan Reynolds a freaking Best Comedy Actor nomination at the Golden Globes. Who could've ever seen that coming?

To be fair, Reynolds' killer performance is largely credited with making these movies as popular and successful as they are. As wonderful as the meta tone and smaller scale is, without a confident, carefully calibrated performance at the core, these movies could easily feel messy and tonally schizophrenic.

On face value it might seem like Reynolds is basically just playing a heightened version of his own loudmouth personality, but if we break down the lesser-known foundations of his performance, there's actually a great deal more to it than that.

The fact that Deadpool is cinema's first superhero to be pegged by his girlfriend belies the fact that Ryan Reynolds gives a comic book performance for the ages, and if we're lucky, he's just getting started...


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