9 Things Spectre Needs To Satisfy Diehard Bond Fans

8. A Villainous Lair

Throughout the Bond series, the villains 007 faced all seemed to possess the same appetite for outrageous architectural extravagance. Craig€™s Bond villains kept this tradition alive while trying to keep the action as grounded as possible. Quantum of Solace€™s Dominic Greene planned to steal Bolivia€™s water supply in an eco hotel in the middle of the desert; and, Skyfall€™s baddie Silva based his operation in an abandoned island off the coast of Macau. None of these hideaways reached the excessive heights of the villainous lairs found in the late Connery-era Bond or the campy Moore-era Bond features. Gone were the underwater hideouts and spy bases found in volcanoes.

Old school fans want the next Bond villain lair to return to spectacular form. Sam Mendes€™ Skyfall seamlessly blended the discordant elements of modern Bond grit with classic Bond fantasy. This delicate balancing act delighted new and old fans; it delivered a more fanciful villain in Silva while not tipping over into outright camp. If Mendes can maintain the same tone for Spectre then long-time Bond fans would be overjoyed to see what new heights modern effects and production design can do to render a quintessential Bond villain lair without too much camp.


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