Avengers 4: 10 Twists Nobody Will See Coming

9. Hank Pym Enhances Tony Stark's BARF Tech

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Avengers 4 will be a time travel movie. That much is almost certain based on some of the set photos that have leaked, including ones which show the main cast revisiting events from the MCU's past such as the Battle of New York.

No doubt altering history is the key to reversing the events of Infinity War, and there are countless theories online about how the heroes manage to turn back the clock, some revolving around the Time Stone and others the Quantum Realm.

Those theories suggesting the time travel is somehow connected to Tony Stark's BARF technology - which allowed him to step into a memory from his youth in Civil War - may be more on the money, though many are missing a key ingredient.

A clue about how the Avengers acquire time travel tech may have surfaced in one of those leaked set photos. The image shows the heroes with strange devices strapped to their wrists, and these are likely the key to rewriting history. Perhaps these gizmos allow the good guys to physically interact with the past when revisiting it via BARF.

So, where did this mysterious wearable tech come from? Look no further than Hank Pym. If you take a look at the leaked photo, Ant-Man's device is built into his suit while the other heroes' are not, suggesting this is Pym hardware we're looking at. Expect to find out more about it in the upcoming Ant-Man and the Wasp.

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