Captain Marvel Set Photos: Why Is Brie Larson's Costume Green?

Where's the red and blue at?


The first set photos from Captain Marvel have arrived, showing Brie Larson in the role of the titular superhero, and including a first look at the costume she'll be wearing in the movie.

While the design of the suit matches with what everyone was expecting, the colour scheme doesn't. Instead of the iconic red, blue, and yellow, Larson's costume is, surprisingly, teal and navy (via Page Six).


It's a choice that's naturally raised a few eyebrows, since it deviates heavily from the classic colour scheme and, more pertinently to the film, is different from the concept art that was previously released. There is, however, some logic for it.

The movie will be featuring the Kree prominently, including the Kree-Skrull War, and they're involved in how Danvers gets her powers. This, then, seems like a Kree version of the suit, with one possibility being that it's taken from a soldier, or that she herself enlists in their army and this is her military outfit - there's a theory that she goes off-world with the Kree, and then returns in the present day in Avengers 4.


It's also a homage to the first Captain Marvel, aka Mar-Vell, a Kree warrior who'll be played by Jude Law in the movie, and could even be his costume handed down to her.

Captain Marvel
Marvel Comics

It seems almost certain that this will be simply the first suit Carol Danvers dons in the movie, which continues a long-running trope of superheroes needing to 'earn' their proper suit in an origin story, as seen recently with Spider-Man across Civil War and Homecoming, while the likes of Iron Man and Captain America have also had prototype suits.


Also of note here is that Larson, in a movie set in the 1990s, is clearly sporting a riff on 'the Rachel', which was the most iconic hairstyle of the decade. Even more important than the suit, really...

Captain Marvel is scheduled for released 6 March 2019. Share your thoughts on the costume down in the comments.

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