Dimenson Films pick up LOCKE & KEY

Dimension Films have picked up the rights to Joe Hill's graphic novel LOCKE & KEY from IDW Publishing with the hopes of turning it into a horror film franchise. Hill is of course the son of the legendary Stephen King but can hardly be named as a guy riding on the success of his father.

His book Heart-Shaped Box is a critically acclaimed bestseller, which was picked up a while ago to be made into a feature.
Story revolves around a trio of children who become the caretakers of Keyhouse, a mansion in New England that is full of secrets and magic. The kids discover doors that take them to different places, give them powers and even alter gender and skin color. Behind one door is a dangerously violent creature.
The first issue has only just hit the news stands last Wednesday, so there's no excuse for you not dipping into the series at this point. The second issue of the first six issue installment is due out on March 5th. Dimension had a lot of success this year with 1408 and THE MIST, and this horror tale written by the same family has seduced the Weinsteins into picking it up. Sounds pretty cool and I would love it to be a fun new, original franchise. I'm going to pickup that first issue right now and will probably get back to you on my thoughts on whether it will work cinematically. source - variety
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