Guardians Of The Galaxy 3 Cancelled?!

Cancelled, "delayed indefinitely", take your pick.

Guardians of the galaxy Star Lord Crying

With the fallout from "Disney vs. James Gunn" still being a daily social media debate, the latest casualty is Guardians 3 itself.

Whilst Gunn had mentioned there were already sizeable chunks of script written for the movie that Disney were apparently going to go ahead with, The Hollywood Reporter has revealed the movie is now on hold... "indefinitely".

"Sources say that crew members, which is, at this stage, a small group that was prepping for preproduction, are being dismissed and are free to look for new work."

It's also worth pointing out that Disney hadn't nailed down a slot for Guardians 3 in their upcoming slate, and with Infinity War shattering the team by wiping out Star-Lord, Groot, Drax and Mantis, Disney could arguably go forward without ever making another Guardians of the Galaxy movie.

Bolster this idea with the entire cast signing a petition to rehire Gunn after the initial fallout, and it's clear we either get a James Gunn-directed Guardians with the same crew everyone knows and loves, or nothing at all.

To the latter point, Gunn recently had a meeting with Disney's Alan Horn (the guy who originally fired him back in August), but Disney/Horn are standing firm:

There will be no Guardians of the Galaxy 3 for the foreseeable future.

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