Harry Potter Quiz: Who Said It - Harry Or Hermione?

Can you tell Harry and Hermione apart by their quotes?

Harry Potter Quiz
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The first Harry Potter film appeared on screens all over the world a little over twenty years ago. 2001 was the start of an epic journey that would see Harry, Ron and Hermione become three of the most well-known movie characters of all time. You can't walk into a shop, or switch on television screens without seeing these three faces plastered everywhere!

Whether you prefer the books or the movies, there's no denying just how fantastically brilliant both in fact are. The storylines, the attention to detail, the characters, it's hard not to become obsessed with this wizarding franchise.

Across seven books and eight movies, we got to know most of the students and teachers at Hogwarts pretty well. But would you say you knew them well enough to tell them apart by just their quotes alone?

Harry and Hermione may be completely different, but just how similar is their dialouge? Who said the following quotes - was it know-it-all Hermione or the-boy-who-lived Harry?

Even Granger herself would struggle to score 100% on this quiz!

Answers at the end!

1. “Honestly, Don’t You Two Read?”


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