James Bond: 10 Realistic Choices To Be The Next 007

8. Aidan Turner

Henry Cavill The Man From Uncle

We’ve already witnessed one Irishman do the deed before in Pierce Brosnan, could it be time for the second? Maybe. Ranging from the vast coastlines of Cornwall all the way to the treacherous lands of Middle-earth, Aidan Turner has been on quite the sightseeing tour throughout his career, and the role of James Bond would keep in line with that ongoing tradition.

He boasts a versatile CV consisting of a varying culmination of portrayed characters and inhabited climates. As Turner has bounced from role to role, he has left a trail of differing and occupied genres in his wake. Period dramas, psychological thrillers, murder mysteries and even fantasy epics, Aidan’s performances have shined in each environment, with the latter introducing his name to mainstream audiences in the form of Peter Jackson’s rather underwhelming Hobbit trilogy. Therefore, if it was any concern as to whether the 39-year-old would be out of his depth in a franchise as beloved and scrutinised as Bond, think again.

Visually, the actor has 007’s aesthetic down to a tee, and the image above makes that abundantly obvious. You may be waiting for the ‘but…’ in all this, but there isn’t principally anything that springs to mind that should disqualify him from this particular race. Give Turner the tools and he shall succeed, or in this specific case, the keys to the Aston Martin. The Poldark veteran has been long admired to play Wolverine by fans, but does anyone know If they’re still looking to cast that role?


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