New Kingsman: The Golden Circle Set Photos Reveal Channing Tatum's Villain?

Is he the new big bad for the franchise?


The sequel to last year's surprise hit, Kingsman: The Secret Service, has been given a high profile boost with the release of images depicting Channing Tatum, dressed in pinstripe suit and bowler hat, on the set of Kingsman: The Golden Circle.

The images, which appeared at Coming Soon, show the Hollywood star in costume outside the Kingsman headquarters looking remarkably dapper with his suit and umbrella:

While the choice of attire might suggest that Tatum will be on the same side as our heroes, a recently revealed piece of concept art, which depicts a mysterious character standing in the rubble of the Kingsman headquarters, suggests that Tatum could actually be playing the villain:

kingsman secret service concept art
20th Century Fox

While shooting for Kingsman: The Golden Circle is currently in full swing, speculation continues as to the fate of Colin Firth's character and whether or not he'll be returning for the sequel. Firth recently appeared at the Cannes Film Festival looking noticably thinner, although it is currently unknown if his weight loss is related to any upcoming projects.

Production on Kingsman: The Golden Circle was recently interrupted after a crew member was rushed to hospital after falling 15 feet onto Birmingham City council house.

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