Ranking Every M. Night Shyamalan Plot Twist From Worst To Best

6. Signs

Signs Sixth Sense
Touchstone Pictures

The Plot: Aliens invade earth as Mel Gibson's small town priest tries to come to terms with his faith after the tragic death of his wife.

The Twist: The hyper-intellgent species of aliens that have come to destroy earth have one glaring weakness: Water.

It's hard to refer to this as a "twist" exactly, but it does tick enough boxes on Shyamalan's guide for How To End Your Movie With a Total Mind-Blower to qualify for this list. For instance, every member of Gibson's family has a random "quirk" that ends up being incredibly important in their survival, and his dead wife's last words basically act as a How-to manual for defeat the aliens.

"Whoa!" we're all supposed to shout, clutching our dumbfounded faces in shock.

But thanks to the gratuitous amounts of foreshadowing, none of it's that surprising. Also, the whole concept is completely illogical. Why would aliens with such a glaring Achilles' heel invade a planet that is 71 percent water? How did they last more than a day without rapidly decaying from all the vapor in our atmosphere? Was it God who told the little girl to leave those glasses of water all around the house?

Too many questions and not a single reasonable answer in sight.


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