X-Men: 10 Actors Who Could Play The MCU's Cyclops

Is it finally time for the last big Chris to join the MCU?!

Cyclops X-Men
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The X-Men are one of the most popular Marvel teams in the company's history, yet to this day, they've not shown their faces in the MCU. It's going to be huge when the mutants finally hop on board the Feige express, and fans are foaming at the mouth for it.

With every announcement from Marvel, it feels like the mutants are closer and closer to bursting onto the scene. Phase 4 has already teased the arrival of these uncanny heroes and now seems like the perfect time to speculate when they'll be showing up and who will be playing them.

When it comes to X-Men characters who need some good representation, Scott Summers, a.k.a, Cyclops, should be sitting atop most people's lists. Sure, there are other exciting characters everyone wants to see (most notably Wolverine - you can check out some potential players for that role here), but it's time for Scott to get his time in the sun.

Both James Marsden and Tye Sheridan did their best with the role but didn't have good material to work with. Thus, Cyclops finally deserves his time in the spotlight as the valiant leader of the X-Men, and any of these actors could make it work.

10. Alexander Skarsgard

Cyclops X-Men

The Skarsgard family already has ties to the MCU, thanks to Stellan Skarsgard's portrayal of Erik Selvig. So, maybe it's time to let nepotism take over and bring the fascinating Alexander Skarsgard into the Marvel picture as well. The acting dynasty could take root there.

Even without the pull of his family name, Alexander Skarsgard is still a brilliant choice for the X-Men icon. He's got enough star power to bring in buzz and a traditionally heroic look that makes him seem like a real-life superhero. Plus, that's not even mentioning that the man is already in "Marvel shape". He's utterly shredded, which is something the MCU loves.

The star of The Northman could also turn Cyclops into the strong silent type. Even when he's saying very little, Skarsgard is excellent at portraying intensity and confidence. This approach could play into the idea of Scott being less outwardly aggressive/exciting than other team members, but without making it boring.

His introverted nature could easily become his biggest strength in the right hands, and these are the right hands.

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