10 Awesome Video Games That Should NEVER Get A Movie

9. Red Dead Redemption


While John Marston's story in the first game is second to none, it feels so much richer due to the time spent with him as a player.

A 2 hour movie covering the plot of Red Dead Redemption COULD look fantastic and have a great tone, but the level of emotion felt towards the characters, specifically during the final act, simply would not reach the height that the game manages. With a bare minimum of 10 hours spent with John in game, the audience grow attached to him as person, so the end of his story wouldn't have the same impact at all if it happened after only 2 hours.

Being inspired by classic western movies gives Red Dead Redemption the tone and themes it needs, without the necessity of becoming a film. It's possible an adaptation of Red Dead Redemption could counter the very thing it achieved as a video game.

Red Dead Redemption also sports a huge, beautiful, living world that is so much fun to explore at a leisurely pace, that a film would difficult to represent. A few establishing shots of the locations would be great, but nothing compares to riding through the wild west yourself.


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