10 Baffling Oversights In Otherwise Great Video Games

How did it take seven games to let you crouch in Assassin's Creed?


Every player on the planet has been there; firing your way through a new favourite game only to suddenly stumble across something that makes you put the controller down, step back from the screen and just go “Huh?”

For as much as any pre-release trailers and hype would have you believe, games rarely manage to fine-tune every single mechanic and feature, and often miss the mark entirely on one significant aspect of gameplay. As a result, even in good games players can end up running across a half-baked idea that just doesn't fit in with the rest of what's on offer.

Often these oversights are a case of dissonance between gameplay and story; for instance, didn't it always feel a bit weird to be robbing stores as good-guy John Marston in Red Dead Redemption? A character isn't really being being redeemed by pillaging and murdering everyone they see, yet Rockstar gave you the freedom to do so despite it being entirely at odds with the character and story shown in cutscenes.

Small oddities like this can serve to completely break the immersion of any given title, and often end up be nagging frustrations that pull back otherwise good games. And even bad video games come out all time, it's always hurts more to see a title that's so close to reaching greatness get dragged down by of one simple lapse of judgement. 


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