10 Best Hidden Gem RPGs Of The Last 10 Years

You guys still haven't played Haven? Why not?

Greedfall game

The last 10 years were some of the best years for RPGs in the history of gaming. While not every game was a winner, the ones that were thoroughly cemented themselves into gaming culture. From initially niche series like Persona or The Witcher, at last, getting their proper due in the eyes of a mainstream public finally mature enough to appreciate them, to relative newcomers like Dark Souls shaking the very foundation of the industry to its core, RPGs have hit landmark after landmark in the past decade.

With so much groundbreaking stuff coming out seemingly every year, it's only natural that some slip through the cracks, despite having more than enough quality to stand next to their peers. Whether it's because of bad marketing, coming out at the wrong time, or having one single glaring flaw that denies them the success otherwise wholly deserved, there are many reasons for an excellent game to fall into obscurity, especially these days.

These ten RPGs were not given their proper due when they first came out, but if you're looking for a fix, you can do a lot worse than by giving these games a shot. The only rule with this list is that they HAVE to be RPGs of some kind, and their release date has to fall between 2012 and now.

10. Kingdom Come: Deliverance

Greedfall game

Hardcore RPGs have always been a hard sell among mainstream audiences for obvious reasons. While Dark Souls is easy enough to learn once you sit down and dedicate yourself to it (and VERY good at making you WANT to do so, at that) games like Kingdom Come: Deliverance never managed to thread that needle, leading to it falling by the wayside.

However, if you like your RPGs to be as realistic as possible, then this is a game you need to track down.

Set during the actual middle ages of Europe, the game follows a blacksmith as he struggles to complete a sword delivery for the local king. So it's basically Fallout: New Vegas but with a lot more feces.

Yes, if you have heard of this game then you've likely heard that Kingdom Come's most striking innovation is its constant awareness of your character's appearance when engaging in conversation, and having that play into how folks react to you. So if you roll up covered in a mix of blood and crap, the guards are uh... less than likely to let you into the city.

If that sounds interesting to you, then check Kingdom Come out on Steam.


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