10 Best Hidden Gem RPGs Of The Last 10 Years

9. Regalia: Of Men And Monarchs

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If you know of Kickstarter, then you either know it as the makeshift safety net for the increasingly obsolete joke that is the American healthcare system, or the place where madcap indie ideas go to get the money they need to eventually come out and bore everyone to tears with their overly long credits sequences because they're obligated to credit EVERYONE who donated.

Regalia, as you can probably surmise, belongs to the latter category. Set in the ruined land of Ascalia, you play as the sole remaining blood tie to the now-dead king. With the rest of the royals dead and the kingdom in utter ruin, it's your job to clean this country up and get it back on its feet. This task will not be easy, as aside from the many bandit warlords, evil wizards, and roaming monsters who quite like the anarchy Ascalia has fallen into, the protagonist is, let's say, less than enthused about having their life upended like this.

Regalia is a comedy take on classic JRPG tropes, well-worn territory - especially for classic anime fans, but Regalia to its credit is legitimately funny and contains great dialogue and character chemistry.

Regalia's battle system isn't anything to sneeze at either, and while the comedy can fall flat at times, it's mostly winners and a game any JRPG fan should at least give a shot.


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