10 Best Indie Video Games Of The Month (April, 2021)

5. Before Your Eyes

Before Your Eyes
Skybound Games

Before Your Eyes has a pretty simple premise: reminisce on your life and memories as you are taken to the underworld.

However, this innovative indie darling has an incredibly unique mechanic: every time you blink, time skips ahead. After setting up your webcam at the start, misclicks will be the least of your problems as you fight against dry, bleary eyes to drink in as much narrative as possible.

You would expect there to be a plethora of problems with this (what some may call) gimmick. On the contrary, it's a superbly implemented feature that thankfully hasn't seen any major glitches or bugs.

It also helps that the story is, of course, more heartbreaking than injecting butter into your veins. GoodbyeWorld Games have knocked it out of the park for their debut release, with an equally wholesome and tearful (literally) journey of discovery and finality.

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