10 Best Versions Of Iconic Video Games You Didn't Play

9. Castlevania: Symphony Of The Night - PSP & PS4

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Symphony of the Night is the game that revitalised the Castlevania franchise when it launched for PlayStation in 1997, and helped to craft an entire genre of explorative action games.

The game received a port a year later to the Sega Saturn, albeit exclusively in Japan. Because the console was less powerful, it is technically speaking inferior to the original but does feature unique areas, bosses and even the ability to play the whole game as Richter’s love interest Maria Renard.

Weirdly, it was one of two unlockable games in the PSP title Castlevania: The Dracula X Chronicles. This iteration was then dragged and dropped onto the PS4 as part of the Castlevania Requiem collection and this may well be the best iteration.

Bringing all of the Saturn content to the West allows us to enjoy Symphony of the Night to its fullest extent; as all three characters, with as much of the map as possible, and it even includes items originally cut from the PS1 original.

There is one minor negative though. Whilst the game does include a script that is closer to what was intended, it therefore means all the beloved cheesiness of the original PS1 release is no more. As sad as it is that the game doesn’t include Dracula demanding to know what a man is, the gameplay additions are a much greater boon than this is a blemish.


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