10 Best Versions Of Iconic Video Games You Didn't Play

Tony Hawks 2 or 3?? Na, you want 2x.

tony hawks pro skater 2 2x

Ports and re-releases are just an expected part of video games these days. They make money for the companies behind them with far less work needed and are generally low on risk. Unless something goes terribly wrong. Grand Theft Auto: Definitive Edition is little more than a misleading title at this stage...

That being said, developers taking care with moving their classic games onto new systems is all well and good but sometimes it pays to take a second look at the product. No matter how beloved your game is, there's always room for improvement.

What can we add to this version to make it a unique proposition?

After all, you can sell a second copy of a game to the hungriest of fans if you advertise it correctly! We're surely all guilty of buying a game twice.

Whilst there are plenty of examples of bad ports that flopped on arrival, there are also many that actually succeeded in adding something to the game. Sadly however, sometimes these re-releases go ignored by fans who got caught up in the hype the first time and then moved on.

The games on this list are all re-releases of all-time classics that, if you ever need to scratch that itch once more, will offer a fresh experience.

10. Devil May Cry 3 - Nintendo Switch

tony hawks pro skater 2 2x

Devil May Cry 3, released for PS2 in 2005, can be credited somewhat with saving the franchise after the failure of DMC2. Thus it has seen a good number of re-releases over the last 15 years, most recently appearing on the Nintendo Switch store.

The downside to the Switch ports of the Devil May Cry games is that they will set you back more than the 2018 HD Collection on PS4 as you’ll be buying each game separtely. That being said, this new release of Devil May Cry 3 specifically adds in some new features that may make it the definitive release.

The most exciting of all is the tweak to the main game, bringing a feature from DMC4 and 5 retrospectively back into Dante’s Awakening. Previously, players would have to select what fighting style they’d like before each stage: Gunslinger, Swordmaster, Royal Guard or Trickster.

Now, with a simple push of the B button, you can swap style on the fly - offering a greater depth of opportunities and inviting you to try them all to your heart’s content.

The Switch port also features a new local co-operative multiplayer mode to the Bloody Palace side game too, meaning that you and a friend can team up as Dante and Vergil together and share in the joy that is stylishly executing waves of demons.


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