10 Best Video Game Easter Eggs, Secrets & References Of 2019

Another year, another batch of the best surprises in gaming.


By now, we all know what to expect with Easter eggs. The little tidbits, surprises and references are par for the course in a lot of videogames.

What has been great this year is the variety of egg on this display. Some are references or nods to characters in their own universes, whilst others are such a curve ball that you wouldn't have expected them from that particularly series.

For example, what connects a broken, post-apocalyptic Russia and a galaxy far, far away? The answer is right under your feet.

Better still, how about an Easter egg that tells you it isn't one, which makes you wonder if it technically counts or not. You can't say this year has been boring, so narrowing it down to ten was a bit of a doozy.

But I will say now, there are no IT or Dark Souls bonfire nods here. There's been so many this year, that whilst they're cool if you do spot them, they're just too obvious to mention. You've seen one balloon tied to a drain, you've seen 'em all.

So with that in mind, allow me to show you some of last year's finest movie references, hidden events and other shenanigans you might have missed.


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