10 Biggest Disappointments Of E3 2014

With an abundance of CG trailers and some hugely missed opportunities, E3 was something of a misfire this year.

After big shiny screens, bumbling presenters and a load of games whizzed by in a whirl of colour, E3 2014 is done, dusted and officially in the history books. When all was over and the final developers had been shuftied out so the cleaners could come in, it wasn't a half bad showing from each of the big three this year. Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo all had their moments, with new games such as Bloodborne, Uncharted 4, Halo 5, Sunset Overdrive and Zelda all being shown while the companies made a big push to prove that their experience is the best. In the midst of all this excitement and hype, as everything dies down and becomes calm once more, it's easier to reflect on what went wrong this year and what was extremely disappointing. Perhaps we're all guilty of going into this one with our expectations far too high and believing in the rumours that always spring up beforehand, but there were certain elements of this year's conference that really ended up being disappointing either by their absence or the way in which they were handled. But what were the most disappointing moments of this year's E3? Let's take a look at how and why we felt just a little bit of sadness amongst our excitement as we delve into the top 10.
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