10 Board Games That Would Make For Great Video Games

10. Star Trek: Ascendancy

One could wonder why, with its penchant for politics, galactic conflict on a grand scale, and, in the case of DS9, cinematic space battles to rival Star Wars, Star Trek has not produced more strategy titles. Ascendancy, however, offers a glimpse of how to do it right.

Crucially, it captures the feel of Star Trek. Unexplored planets are not simply expansions waiting to be conquered but often host to intelligent life forms, some of whom are advanced enough to object to heavy handed exploitation.

How the various races deal with this lies at the game’s heart. The ideals of the Federation favour diplomacy. Klingon honour demands battle. Romulans are devious manipulators. Conquer an inhabited planet as the Klingons and you risk intervention by the Federation, with the Romulans waiting to stab you both in the back. Managing this web of intrigue would be challenging, tense, and quintessentially Star Trek.

But Star Trek is not confined to politics. Blending the starship simulation of Starfleet Command with real-time RTS combat would capitalize on what is arguably Star Trek’s greatest appeal and place the player in the midst of those cinematic battles rather than commanding from above.

The point-and-click Star Trek adventures are great, but with the franchise such a perfect fit for the grand strategy concept it is about time we saw the attempt made.

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