10 Disappointing Video Games Which Lied To Get Your Money

Were you stung by any of these lies?

Thanks to the highly competitive nature of the video games industry, it's common for publishers to use any means necessary when it comes to getting sales. In the case of most modern AAA releases, this means shelling out a ton of money on marketing in order to build up high levels of pre-release hype.

Sadly, there have also been many instances in which publishers have been caught lying about the content of their releases, or at least twisting the truth beyond recognition. Promising features might be advertised, only to never see the light of day. The scope of the game might be blown horrifically out of proportion, with audiences only realising how limited it is after playing themselves.

This list takes a look at ten disappointing games that ended up lying to customers in order to generate sales. In some cases, it's up for debate whether these falsities were actually intentional - it's common for developers to overreach, only to find they're unable to include everything they wanted at the start.

From multiplayer modes that never made it into the game after years of promises, to games that were built on a pack of lies from the very beginning, the marketing for each of these games was less than honest.


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