10 Disappointing Video Games Which Lied To Get Your Money

10. Infestation: Survivor Stories

OP Productions

The War Z was released back in 2012, and quickly became known for being a total disaster of a game. In fact, it got so bad that developer and publisher OP Productions ended up 're-releasing' the game with the new title of Infestation: Survivor Stories.

Despite a number of positive early previews, the game was totally panned by critics. Common complaints included bad UI design, buggy gameplay, and obnoxious micro-transactions. Most notoriously, many customers accused the developers of fraud. War Z was originally advertised on Steam as having multiple large game worlds, player versus environment combat, skill-point levelling and hundred-player servers. None of these features were available on release. The game was pulled from Steam, but re-emerged with its new name soon after.


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