10 Great Actors Hidden In Your Video Games

Wait, so Wonder Woman AND Hellboy are in Fallout?!

20th Century Fox/Xbox Game Studios

Video game voice acting is an art unto itself. In certain circles, the names Nolan North, Troy Baker and Laura Bailey hold more weight than Jude Law, Timothee Chalamet and Natalie Portman. As video games have became more advanced and the stories more robust, so too has the opportunity for brilliant performances opened up.

Christopher Judge and Roger Clarke as Kratos and Arthur Morgan are two of the most recent standouts.

Sometimes though, a game does lend the service of a massive star - only to tuck them away. This list isn’t about pointing out the bleeding obvious, like Norman Reedus being in Death Stranding, but about smaller, subtle roles.

Some stars have made minor appearances in fantastic video games, and it’s likely their roles passed you by unless you have extremely keen ears. Once you realise it’s them, it can add that little bit extra value on a second play.

Often, these actors are either friends with the developers or just love video games and want to be part of one. Other times, it might be a result of a contractual obligation, or just because actors don’t like to turn down work.

We all know Seth Green & Martin Sheen were in Mass Effect, but did you know Wonder Woman was in Fallout?

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