10 Infamous Video Game Scandals

6. PlayStation Network Hacked

In April of 2011, Sony were forced to shut down the PlayStation Network for 24 days after they discovered that there had been an intrusion on their system, later revealing that up to 77 million user profiles may have been compromised, with their personal information (such as passwords) potentially being taken. Sony had to fall on their sword and admit that even user's credit card information may have been stolen. The incident was a crushing blow for Sony and widely associated with hampering the PS3's late-day performance (even if it is now finally catching up with the Xbox 360). Sony attempted to make amends, by offering a free month of PlayStation Plus, two free downloadable games, and a free one-year enrollment in a fraud protection program, though it's still a hugely embarrassing incident for Sony, one which Microsoft, already exalted for their superior online capabilities, no doubt benefited from.
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