10 Infamous Video Game Scandals

7. Jade Raymond Porno Comic

Ubisoft certainly aren't stupid; when they introduced Jade Raymond as the director of much-hyped new IP Assassin's Creed, they knew we'd all be paying attention. Not only did the game look awesome, but it was presented to us by the extremely attractive Raymond herself, something gamers, used to podgy, out-of-shape middle-aged men pushing games on them, simply were not used to. Raymond began to amass as much fanfare as the game itself, and it goes without saying that Ubisoft ensured she was present at just about every press event or interview opportunity possible. Some gamers became frustrated with Ubisoft's cynical, even insulting approach, however, which suggested that anything could be flogged to players if it had a pair of boobs attached. One such gamer made an incendiary comic, which depicted Raymond performing sexual acts on geeky gamers in order to promote Assassin's Creed. Ubisoft sued, so the comic was removed from its original source, though is readily available to view on Google. The lesson? Don't pander to gamers with sex; pander to us with awesome games.
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