10 Intense Video Game Multiplayer Modes You Won't Survive

One life. One Bullet. No respawns. Good luck.


While an emotional video game story is all well and good and a well-directed action scene can get the heart racing, there's nothing quite like the cruel mistress that is online multiplayer. Whether you're battling it out with friends in PVE or fighting against those same friends in PVP, developers spend years tinkering away to create the perfect multiplayer game modes that players can jump into over and over again without any two matches ever feeling the same.

Occasionally, this dedication to the craft results in some of the most innovative gaming experiences around, whether that's Psyonix mixing football and racing to great effect in Rocket League or Nintendo crafting a competitive, family-friendly shooter in Splatoon, but sometimes devs seem hellbent on producing a multiplayer mode that wants nothing more than to see you suffer.

These are the kind of online experiences that seem insurmountable, where pain is almost guaranteed, and the chances of survival are virtually nil. And yet, they're so good that you just can't stop going back, each time with renewed hope that you'll come out on top...


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