10 Intense Video Game Multiplayer Modes You Won't Survive

10. Contracts - Firewall: Zero Hour

Firewall Zero Hour

Firewall: Zero Hour is the kind of high-stakes first-person shooter that'll crop up a few times on this list, but with one key difference: it's in VR. Proving that the technology is more than just a gimmick, Firewall makes great use of the added immersion in its premiere mode, Contacts, which has one team attempting to hack a laptop and the other defending it.

It's a familiar set up, as is the no respawn, high damage nature of combat, but actually being in the headspace of the characters you're controlling makes things even more intense. Being in direct control of aiming, bringing the gun up to your face to get the perfect shot, is exhilarating, and makes every firefight even more frenetic. Likewise, being under fire and physically ducking under cover creates near-misses that regular gaming just can't replicate.

Of course, this is all on top of the regular gunplay, which is deadly anyway. It only takes a few bullets to put someone down, and one lapse of concentration can lead you to you walking straight into an ambush.

It's amazing, and proof of how VR can revolutionise pre-existing genres.


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