10 Items That BROKE Video Games

9. Redeemer - Unreal Tournament

death stranding

Fallout's iconic Fat Man weapon is probably the most recognized portable nuke-launcher in video games, but the concept has been appearing in games for ages.

It's not hard to see why anyone developing a shooter wouldn't think of a gun that shoots nuclear bombs. In a fake world with zero consequences, it's a fantastic spectacle. Just point, aim, and unleash a miniaturized weapon of mass destruction for optimal over-kill. Dramatic? Maybe. But nobody really gets hurt.

Unless, of course, you're playing Unreal Tournament. You've wracked up an impressive kill streak, you're completely in the zone, dominating the game - and then some jerk finds the nuclear bazooka, aka, the Redeemer and then there goes the fun. It was nice while it lasted.

The thing is tailor-made for trolls, as evident by the amount of people playing Unreal Tournament who simply run into a crowd of players and fire it at their feet, killing everyone (including themselves.)

On the plus side, the Redeemer is also something of a great unifier. Its wielder became the main target of everyone else - all hostilities set aside until the jerk with the nuke gun was dead.


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