10 Jaw-Dropping Video Game Fan Theories That Make Everything Better

10. Metal Gear Solid 3: Creating A Time Paradox

Hideo Kojima's east-meets-west stealth-shooter has become the stuff of gaming legend, but for Snake Eater things went to a whole other level of weird - thanks to the likes of a man who shoots bees out his fingertips, another who can channel electricity, and an an ancient being who's spent so much time on the earth he's actually begun to photosynthesise. As you do.

Although it's one of the best games of all time, many series veterans already a bit perturbed by the vampires and octopus-armoured characters of MGS 2 thought this was a bit much. However, what if it was all a VR simulation? What if we were never actually embodying 1970's Naked Snake, and instead a modern day Solid? The evidence is subtle, but enough of it is there if you want to believe.

Remember if you failed a mission in a specific way, you'd get one of those 'Time Paradox' alerts? You even hear Colonel Campbell's voice shouting in out of the ether to mention you've done it wrong, despite the fact he's not even in the game.

This could easily be him shouting at Snake as he's jacked into some future machine the likes of which might exist in MGS 4's world. Secondly at the very start of the game we have Major Zero mentioning to Snake about the codename of the mission being the "Virtuous mission" to which Snake mishears as the "Virtual mission".

It's a tiny detail, but considering Kojima likes to treat the fourth wall like Zack Snyder does windows, chances are this is something he wanted us to ponder over forever more anyway.

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