10 Jaw-Dropping Video Game Fan Theories That Make Everything Better

9. Max Payne 3: The Ex-Cop Is A Ghost

When Rockstar took over development duties for the latest Max Payne it divided fans of the previous games in two:

On the one hand we now had the guys behind GTA taking on one of the most gruff, hard-ass characters of all time, but on the other it meant original developer Remedy were bowing out to work on something else.

What followed was a game that somewhat lost the personality of the first two, but gained a much harsher tale of drug violence and slow-motion face-shooting, wrapped up in a beautiful graphics engine and a very engaging story that crossed many different locales. Still, as they're known for in the GTA games, there's a whole heap of easter eggs within that eagle-eyed players managed to spot - but it wasn't always the most obvious that provoked online discussion.

In a hark back to the 'devil man' in Red Dead Redemption, MP3 also features a figure that many believe to be something of a ghost, or a figment of Max's imagination. One Anders Dedling - a relatively happy and family-loving ex-cop - turns up a few times in the main game's story, however even though during a firefight he locks himself inside a toilet cubicle, upon opening there's nobody inside.

Throughout the game Max is already in a very bad way, drinking heavily and taking large amounts of medication, so it's not too far of a stretch to imagine him talking to a version of himself that could have existed had the events of the first two games not driven him to the brink of death.

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