10 Open World Games That Tricked You

8. All The Mimics - Dark Souls

The Witcher 3 side quest
From Software

Opening treasure chests is so ubiquitous in gaming that players can probably do it in their sleep. Grab that chest, get the reward, and then move on to the next one; it's basic stuff. Well, in typical From Software fashion, the developers decided that players expecting convention needed to be humbled.

Mimics are a form of non-respawning enemy in the Dark Souls games. They prey on players by disguising themselves as chests, waiting for unlucky victims to open them before attacking with their monstrous jaws.

The creatures are like Venus flytraps that lure you in with the promise of something sweet, only to make you feel like smashing your controller. Your first encounter with one is a traumatic experience that leaves you paranoid every time you go to open another chest.

Now, calling Dark Souls an open-world game might be a bit of a stretch, as it takes more of a "wide-linear" format. Still, it just about qualifies, and these iconic tricksters can't be ignored on a list like this. Their promise of bountiful treasure turned to brutal damage is gaming trickery at its finest.


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