10 Open World Games That Tricked You

9. Sudden Appearances Of The Yiga Clan - Legend Of Zelda: BOTW & TOTK

The Witcher 3 side quest

Being a Hyrulean citizen is not as idyllic an existence as you might think. Sure, you get to live in a luscious fantasy land, but you also have to contend with wild monsters and weird phenomena all the time. However, while most citizens struggle, some aren't as harmless as they appear.

When exploring the open world of Hyrule, there's a good chance you'll run into an interesting NPC and decide to strike up a conversation with them. 90% of the time, this will lead to fun dialogue and maybe even a quest. But there are also times when they reveal themselves to be Yiga Footsoldiers.

This dastardly clan of Sheikah assassins/thieves appear throughout the land as regular citizens who lure you in before attacking you. You can expect to see them plenty of times in both Breath of the Wild and Tears of the Kingdom, and they sure are a nuisance.

These NPCs are as slippery as the peels of the bananas they love so much. You're left to constantly scream, "not again!" every time they get you.


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