10 Opening Bosses That Totally Ruined Video Games

Yeah, that's a nope from me...

Persona 5

There's nothing worse than dashed expectations is there? Sometimes early coverage doesn't represent the finished product, sometimes you've got the wrong end of the stick about what you're actually playing, and hey, sometimes you've just had too much to drink lads, it happens to everyone!

But video games have, historically, always had a good marker in the form of The Boss. They're a measure of not only the player's prowess with the game itself, but also of how well many features, systems, techniques actually work when pushed to their limit. They can make sure you're prepared for what comes next as well as revealing crucial elements of the story you're investing in. In short, they're where it all needs to come together.

But sometimes they... don't.

Sometimes boss fights are worse than coming home to find your washing machine's flooded and, in the process, drowned your rabbit. What a mess, what a senseless waste of everyone's time, what a way to ruin a perfectly good video game / checkerboard linoleum floor. Anyway, fair warning, this article should probably be called 10 Opening Bosses That Totally Ruined Video Games... For Me ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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