10 Opening Bosses That Totally Ruined Video Games

10. Robotnik's Big Chicken Thing - Sonic CD

Sonic CD

So there we all were, still basking in the warm glow of Sonic 2 and its era-defining platforming brilliance. We'd sprinted and dashed our way across the planet of Mobius(?), up into the Wing Fortress(??) and then finally taken on Robotnik in the Death Egg(???) itself. I was about 7 or 8, and console gaming was the best thing in the world, it turned out.

But wait, that older relative (or friend's older relative) has a COMPUTER! and it can do absolutely anything. It wipes the floor with that puny 16-bit black box you have in your bedroom. It can draw pictures. It can play movies. My god, it can run Encarta!

Of course, Sonic CD - as the name implies - was originally developed in 1993 for Sega's failed SegaCD add-on, but was ported to PC three years later. As far as my Year 4 class was concerned, Sega had made a follow-up to Sonic 2 for PC and our minds were set ablaze. The very thought that the fun of the Sonic saga could be combined with the overwhelming firepower of a Fully Armed and Operational Personal Computer was enough to render every child my age wild with anticipation.

We bought the game, waited 40 minutes for our 1992 Hewlett Packard to start, slammed it in the drive, went away for the weekend while it installed and then finally, mouths salivating, played it. Five minutes in and the first boss is a big metal turkey with a bumper for an arm.

Never, ever, get your hopes up.

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