10 Things Everyone Hates About Modern Video Games

9. Too Many Remakes & Remasters

cyberpunk 2077

Though players have more choice and value at their hands than ever before, you'd scarcely know it from the exhausting number of remakes and remasters released every year.

This is especially true in the AAA sphere, where it's seen as less risky to simply sell players' nostalgia-soaked childhood back to them rather than, you know, come up with something new.

That's not to say that all remakes and remasters are bad - Bluepoint's Shadow of the Colossus remake was a major technical improvement, for one - but that when the industry considers glossing-up games that came out barely five years ago, it feels like a lazy, cynical calculation.

More than anything it underlines a lack of creativity while taking time away from developers who could actually be coming up with something fresh.

Gamers are of course themselves largely to blame, as their nostalgia receptors can be so easily pressed to make them part with their cash. If this obsession with raking over the past wasn't profitable, publishers wouldn't do it.

Again, as exciting as the recently announced remake of Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic is, the fact that there's a large portion of the industry devoted to industriously churning out half-baked remasters and dubiously necessary remakes feels like a major waste of resources and talent - artistically speaking, at least.


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