10 Unexpected Ways To Master Challenging Video Game Mechanics

8. Change Your Field-Of-View To 110 - Rocket League

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Though Rocket League is an extremely easy game to pick up and play, its manoeuvering mechanics are shockingly difficult to master - to perform mind-bogglingly precise acrobatic mid-air feats with your RC car can take hundreds of hours of practise.

But you can do yourself a massive favour from the outset by adjusting the game's default camera settings.

Though there's a lot of debate in the Rocket League community about which camera settings are best, by far the most common change made by pro players is to adjust their field-of-view (FOV) from a default of 90 to 110.

This is a simple but vital adjustment as it will let you to see far more of the surrounding area, allowing you to keep track of everything that's going on much easier and without needing to manually move the camera around quite so much.

Success in Rocket League is all about combining situational awareness with good timing, and so having a more expansive perspective of the environment is a neat, strangely simple way to give yourself a tactical leg-up.


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