10 Unexpected Ways To Master Challenging Video Game Mechanics

9. Exploit Invincibility Frames While Rolling - Dark Souls

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There's a mind-boggling degree of strategy that goes into even the most minor details in the Dark Souls franchise, and fans absolutely love crunching the numbers so they can boil their strategy down to a near-objective science.

Rolling may seem like a totally simple and straight-forward movement mechanic in most games, but it's actually deceptively complex in Dark Souls.

Whenever the player rolls, they are granted a certain number of "invincibility frames" (or "iframes") as the roll is completed, meaning that for a few frames they are effectively invincible to the enemy.

This can often be preferable to using a shield to block an incoming attack, and there are many instances where it makes more sense to actually roll into an attack in order and take advantage of the iframes rather than frantically attempt to roll away.

It's also worth noting that the number of iframes is dependent on your loadout - if you're carrying a lot of weight, you'll perform a "fat roll" with just a few iframes, while a light-on-their-feet player will receive a more generous allowance of iframes.

Though rolling is an oddly difficult art to master, it's really just down to timing and practise.


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