10 Video Game Enemies Better Than The Final Boss

The Big Daddy made BioShock what it is.

BioShock Big Daddy
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A video game's final boss can be great for any number of reasons: the challenge they pose, the gratification you feel for conquering them or how clashing with them perfectly closes out the story. Although, even if a game's final boss is good, it sometimes doesn't leave the most impactful impression on us as players.

Now and then, despite being positioned as the ultimate threat, a final boss may be overshadowed by another foe.

A game's final moments might leave you with plenty to think and talk about with friends, but now and then there's a particular stand-off you had with a villain that inhabits a larger space in you brain. What could've been just a run-of-the-mill enemy or boss fight sometimes is so great that it leaves a bigger impression than the climatic showdown.

This list will take a look at video game enemies that were better than the final boss of their title in some way or another. Perhaps they're just a better design or more enjoyable to fight.

For whatever reason, the following bad guys do not play second fiddle in the hearts of gamers.

10. Lady Dimitrescu - Resident Evil Village

BioShock Big Daddy

Resident Evil Village has become one of the fastest selling entries in Capcom’s titan horror franchise and one particular reason for this is the little case of Alcina Dimitrescu. Although not little at all, as she stands at over 9ft tall and commands a loyal army of thirsty video gamers.

In all fairness, Capcom never really said that Lady D was going to be a major part of Village’s campaign but her instant popularity caused them to really focus on her during the rest of the marketing. Many who purchased the title were sad to see her go about a quarter of the way into the game. And in traditional Resi fashion, she didn’t stay pretty for long. It’s much harder to simp for a gigantic dragon monster but in a vacuum the boss fight is one of the best spectacles that the series has ever produced.

There’s nothing at all wrong with the game’s final big bad Mother Miranda, and arguably her battle is the most fun one of the entire game. But her evil scheme doesn’t make a tonne of sense and her laughing megalomania is a little old hat. Alcina and her daughters, vampiric creatures made of blowflies, were a touch more unique.

Being stalked around an ornate castle by a towering beast is pure modern Resident Evil, fans just wished there was more of it.

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