10 Video Game Pre Orders That Were Actually Awesome

You shouldn't always disregard the store clerk when he asks if you want any preorders. Here's why.


The impulse to pre-emptively reserve a copy of the latest game release is often a slippery slope. For many, the promise of stellar virtual entertainment is enough for them reach for the wallet and immediately shell out the funds, building anticipation until release day finally dawns. The reality of pre-ordering games is rather more glum, as video games, not unlike film, TV or comics, have the potential to disappoint, and often does so in spectacular fashion.

As a result, jaded gamers often resort to cautiously awaiting review scores to hit the net before finally deciding to invest their hard-earned cash on their most-anticipated titles. Anticipation is always accompanied by the caveat that the product may not live up to the years of excitement, and unless developers can conjure an enticing reason for players to prematurely purchase their game, pre-orders may quickly dwindle.

There is, however, a smattering of games that defy the negative reputation, offering a number of incentives that make the decision to slap down the cash in advance totally worthwhile. It’s important to give credit where it’s due, so here we go.

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