10 Video Game Remakes That Erase Their Iconic Originals

10. Halo 1 & 2

halo master chief collection
Microsoft/343 Industries

From top to bottom, 343 Industries career-best work was done remixing and touching up Bungie's titanic Halo titles. Both the original and Halo 2 received some of the best modernisation work in the business, completely overhauling the graphics engine to bring it up to speed with the current gen. So confident were 343 in their abilities, you can even use a single button toggle to hop between original 2001/2004 graphics for each game, and 2014.

The results speak for themselves, and best of all, though 343 didn't carry it through to Halo 3 and 4 (which are also part of the Master Chief Collection), the first two games have completely new CG cutscenes, really accentuating the interiors and character work present across both titles.

The only negative is the botched online multiplayer, which even after repeated patches wouldn't run smoothly for thousands of users. Thankfully local multiplayer is spot-on and allows for custom playlists across all four games. With Microsoft endeavouring to fix the MCC after three years (apparently at some point in 2018), it'll finally be the definitive version of Halo for all to play.

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