10 Video Game Remakes That Erase Their Iconic Originals

The definitive Director's Cuts of the gaming world.

legend of zelda Ocarina of time

Unlike any other medium on the planet, the further back you go, the harder many "classic" video games are to pick up.

Other than perhaps Mario (which remains supremely easy to play thanks to beautifully simple and intuitive controls), have you honestly enjoyed played things like the first Metroid, or even Ocarina of Time? The latter especially gets hailed as one of the best games of all time (and for good reason), but the qualities it demonstrated are often hamstrung in retrospect by naff inventory management and the game's insistence on swapping between a number of gadgets in quick succession.

From once glorious, pioneering graphics to certain mechanics that only got perfected over time, yes, these games revolutionised the industry in a million different ways, but are they just as playable and enjoyable today?

In many cases, even the developers elected to revisit their finest work, upgrading graphics, reworking facets of gameplay and - in some cases - designing entirely different levels and ways to funnel the player from place to place, executing on that original vision in a way that technology just couldn't allow.

Although you should always experience the originals for posterity's sake, these remakes easily replace them in the pantheon of gaming overall.

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