10 Video Game TV Shows HBO Should Make After The Last Of Us

10. Dead Space


The world of horror video games is, unfortunately, regularly butchered during the movie adaptation process. While projects like Resident Evil, Silent Hill, and Alone in the Dark had a fair share of problems, the complete lack of vision and imagination made it so NOBODY could enjoy them. However, if you put a horror game adaptation in the hands of HBO-level talent, it'll be something special.

And with Netflix calling dibs on the Resident Evil franchise, a great horror alternative would be the brutally-visceral Dead Space series. Set in the cold recesses of space, Dead Space involves Isaac Clarke, an ship systems engineer who is unwittingly trapped in a decimated ship full of the reanimated corpses of former crew members.

Expertly-crafted tension and psychological horror are what make this series so effective, and the opportunity to see this transformed into live-action would be bone-chilling. While high-budget sci-fi is already something of a rarity, the opportunity to make an Alien-level experience available to people sitting on their couch once a week would make it essential viewing.

Dead Space with a HBO budget means cultural event-level sci-fi horror every week. It would fill a need that many consistent TV watchers almost never get fulfilled. True scares, true gory Necromorph frights, brought to you by your friends at HBO.


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