10 Video Games That Are Based On Novels

8. The Witcher

Death Stranding

At this point it's pretty much common knowledge that The Witcher is based on a series of novels.

However, the reason it's getting a spot on this list is that, despite everyone knowing about the phenomenal series by Andrzej Sapowski, I'm always shocked by how few people have actually read any of them.

Shocked because of just how good they are and what these folk are missing out on. We're talking twenty four carrot fantasy - yes, carrots, not karats, Roach would have no interest in that - and this is coming from someone who, for the most part, has precisely no time for the fantasy genre usually.

What makes The Witcher series so compelling is similar to what made Game of Thrones compelling: that it takes standard tropes and flips them on their head.

The Witcher series takes age-old fairytales familiar to all and pushes them to their darkest possible extreme. Not only that, but The Witcher is often also really solid detective fiction - Raymond Chandler being a huge influence on Sapowski.

Combine all of this with a fleshed out world and brilliant characters and you've got a winner. Hell, all of the characters could suck and Regis would still make up for all of them by himself.


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