10 Video Games That Are Based On Novels

9. Parasite Eve

Death Stranding
Square Enix

Parasite Eve started off in 1995 as a novel by Japanese author Hideaki Sena. If you're into Japanese horror like Ring then I recommend you check out the novel, since it pretty much jumpstarted the whole obsession with that particular sub-genre.

It then went on to be adapted into a feature length movie which was...fine? I mean, it's a 5.8 on IMDb, so you make the call on that. It also got the manga treatment which was...also fine. Look, they can't all be home runs, okay?

Its most notable adaptation was that of 1998's Parasite Eve on the PlayStation. I stand by the fact that the gameplay, for the time, was impeccable, the story is engaging and weird and creepy, the atmosphere is absorbing...and weird...and creepy. And everyone blows up at one point. It's great!

Parasite Eve is so good it deserves to be remade from the ground up for the current generation. Come on, Square Enix, give the people what they want! (The "people" being pretty much just me it seems.)


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