10 Video Games Where You NEVER Fight The Main Villain

9. General Scales – Starfox Adventures

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Star Fox Adventures was a disappointment to the franchise (the first of many) and for the developers, Rare.

Having said that, you have to commend the developers for trying something different. Instead of a rail shooter, this Gamecube title is an action-adventurer that has Fox McCloud out of his Arwing for once to kick some lizard butt. Although Andross is Star Fox's nemesis, a reptilian warlord called General Scales serves as the game's antagonist this time round.

Or so it seems. As Fox reach Scales' quarters, the lizard despot leaps from the ceiling, preparing to finish the Star Fox leader off.

And then he... just stands there. Despite wielding a double-pronged hook and sword, Scales won't attack under any circumstances.

The instant the player tries to hit him, Andross suddenly appears out of nowhere, urging Scales to give up. After Fox defeats his old foe, the game ends, without mentioning what happened to the warmongering general. Even though it was cool to see Andross again, it was disappointing how the game built up General Scales as the be-all and end-all, only to perform a last-minute bait-and-switch for the sake of fan-service.

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