10 Video Games Where You NEVER Fight The Main Villain

You never got the chance to face this lot.

Mass effect the illusive man

When you're really invested in a game, you don't want to win just to save the world or see the ending.

Sometimes, the one thing that keeps you going is the opportunity to kick the crap out of the main villain. After your arch-nemesis murdered your family, took over society, or... is just really annoying, there's nothing that'll make you happier than wiping the floor with him or her.

But there are certain games where you never get the chance. Sometimes, the antagonist will die pre-emptively or escape, depriving you of putting bullet in their skull or blow them to kingdom come.

Although this can feel anticlimactic, it does make sense sometimes. If the big bad isn't physically imposing, it's not going to be satisfying to pummel them to death, is it? Also, if your foe is a regular guy, and you're armed with a rocket launcher or a laser cannon, it would be a pretty brief fight.

Nevertheless, it's still disappointing when you never get a shot against such enemies, especially when he or she's the antagonist of the entire story or the cause of all the hero's misery.

10. Zachary Comstock + The Songbird – Bioshock Infinite

Mass effect the illusive man

In Bioshock Infinite, Father Zachary Hale Comstock rules the floating city of Columbia with an iron fist. Using dogmatic rhetoric, the charismatic prophet has his people lapping up his every word. So, when he calls the protagonist, Booker DeWitt, a False Shepherd who must be destroyed, our hero finds himself an enemy to almost everyone in the city.

Even though Comstock wields great power, it's not too surprising that Booker doesn't face the self-proclaimed messiah in combat, since he’s obviously not much of a fighter. Considering Booker is able to take on Uncle Sam robots, zeppelins, and literal ghosts all by himself, it's not too out of left field when he kills the old codger without engaging in fisticuffs.

But since Comstock uses a colossal construct called the Songbird to fight his battles, you'd think the aviary automaton would serve as the final boss.

But there is no such encounter. Although it’s cool that you get to control the Songbird in the last section, it’s a pity that BioShock Infinite has two diverse villains and you don't fight either of them.

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