10 Ways The Next Xbox Will DESTROY PS5

Microsoft's latest offering looks set to blow Sony out of the water.

2020 looks to be the year we'll see the next wave of consoles, as both Microsoft and Sony are set to re-enter the market.

Logic and past history suggests we will see both consoles released around the same time, as both brands look to gain the upper hand in the competitive world of gaming.

While there are limited details out there at the moment in terms what we can expect to see, snippets of information have started to leak into the online world as gamers look to heighten their excitement levels.

Microsoft and Sony seem to relish the head to head competition every time they release a major new console, and 2020 will be no different.

Currently titled 'Project Scarlett' on Microsoft's side, they used this year's E3 conference to announce and showcase initial details for their future system, now aptly named among online communities as 'Xbox 2'.

Xbox has always held the edge over the PlayStation in certain aspects, and Microsoft will be looking for 2020 to be the year that they obliterate their main competition.

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