11 Video Games That Are Better If You Suck

10. Ring Fit Adventure

Death Stranding

Video games have been demonised for making players lazy since they have existed. Thankfully, the Wii helped end that stigma with exercise-themed titles like Wii Fit and Wii Sports.

The Nintendo Switch has continued to keep players fit with physically active games like Zumba, Just Dance, and of course, Ring Fit Adventure. In this turn-based RPG, you need to jog on the spot and perform exercises with the Pilate Ring to reach goals, complete mini-games, and defeat a bodybuilding dragon. (The plot isn't Ring Fit's strong suit.)

Because everyone's level of fitness varies, you might worry about keeling over while enduring the more intense sections. But each new day you play, Ring Fit gives you the option to lower the intensity level. If you play on a lower difficulty, you run faster, perform less sets, and hold moves for less time.

Thanks to this option, you don't have to risk having a heart attack to complete the most gruelling challenges. Ironically, Ring-Fit feels like it punishes you if you give it your all but goes easy on you if you don't put in as much effort.


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