13 Terrible Levels In Otherwise Awesome Video Games

12. The Nightmares - Max Payne

Max Payne Nightmare

Max Payne was a ground-breaking video game that popularised the now-ubiquitous bullet time mechanic, but there were a few ill-advised breaks in the action when the player was forced to take part in a number of nightmare sequences unfolding within Max's mind.

The levels felt like they went on forever, as you had to navigate a surreal, maze-like version of Max's house, before following a blood trail through a black expanse, and if you moved even an inch away from the blood trail, you'd fall to your death and have to start all over again.

All the nightmares did was bring the game's pacing to a grinding halt, and while not terribly long or challenging in reality, they sure were irritating for those brief few minutes.


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